Extra Hand

The Brisbane Home Assistance Specialist ...
home help you can rely on

Former nurse, nanny and flight attendant Gai Tibbits established Extra Hand to meet ALL the needs, not just some, of a person requiring home help.  At Extra Hand we do all the things in your home a loving Mum would do to help you recuperate from injury or accident, adjust to your first newborn, recover from a serious illness or operation, or any other situation when an extra pair of hands is needed.  Not all of us have the luxury of calling on Mum.

Small things like linen spray on the sheets, neck massages or delicious home cooked meals prepared in your home make all the difference.  It’s the little things that get you through when you face life’s challenges.  Friends and family go back to work, but Extra Hand offer care and assistance reliably and professionally.  Everything’s done right the first time and comfort is paramount.

Take the stress out of asking for favours - rely on Extra Hand.

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Assistance with dressing and personal grooming
Delicious meals
cooked for you in
your home
& Childcare
Assistance with washing
& showering
Washing &
Ironing an outfit or two
Shopping for food